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CPS Energy Grid Technology Fraught with Fraud?

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LULAC Resolution FOR Moratorium and NO Fee Opt-Out from RF/'smart' Meters


Opt Out of CPS Rationing, RF Exposure AND Higher Bills !


The Coalition for Safe Meters endorses only ANALOG Utility Meters for the following reasons:

  1. Analog meters emit no radiation
  2. Analog meters do not convert AC current to DC current as do Radiation Pulsing Meters, therefore, Analog meters create no "Dirty Electricity" as do digital Radiation Pulsing Meters
  3. Analog meters display and store only total usage unlike RPMs that offload detailed usage information
Has your utility company ripped off and trashed
your safe analog meter ?

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DISCLAIMER:  We suggest you get Legal Counsel before taking any action.

We encourage people to become educated about Radio Frequency exposure and to take action to limit unnecessary exposure by turning off their routers when not in use, replacing cordless phones that have NOT been equipped with automatic shutoff, staying a safe distance from microwave oven, removing cellular security systems in favor of a hardwired telephone line for communication, and keeping a safe distance from cell phones.

Please join with the Coalition For Safe Meters of San Antonio as we petition San Antonio City Council for a Moratorium on the installation of Radiation Pulsing Meters (RPMs).

Benefits of Analog Meters vs. Smart Dumb Meters ANALOG Smart DUMB
Radio frequency radiation exposure NO YES
Part of a blanket network that blankets community with RF radiation NO YES
Health complaints NO YES
AAEM physician's association warnings on health effects NO YES
Leading scientists and health professionals concerned about health effects NO YES
Privacy Intrusion NO YES
Hackable NO YES
Utility collects personal use data NO YES
Data on your personal energy use may be provided to 3rd parties NO YES
Can cause "dirty electricity" emissions on wiring NO YES
Can be used to power down or shut off your appliances NO YES
Can be used to remotely shut off your utility service NO YES
Can be used to charge Time-of-Use rating NO YES
Higher bills complaints NO YES
Appliance burnout complaints NO YES
Associated with numerous house fires NO YES
Interference with wireless devices NO YES
Safety complaints NO YES
Can contribute to grid failure NO YES
Meter has short life NO
30 - 50 yrs
12 - 15 yrs

The Grid Corporatocracy - Click Here
$12B Energy Act Includes Grid Provisions: The 2005 Energy Act was signed into law on August 8, 2005. The 1724-page bill includes several provisions directly relevant to the Smart Grid.
Click Here - Green Corruption Files "... CPS Energy carries its own Green Corruption tale that involves Landis+Gyr, the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program, stimulus funds, and even local politicians."


Click HERE
Remind him that you can't 'lead from behind' - that other state Attorney Generals are already taking action to protect their citizens from utility 'extortion' (Opt-Out Fees), exposure to RF (a Class 2B Carcinogen), overbilling, surveillance and property damage resulting from RF/'smart' meters.  Call him or Email NOW !  Demand Hearings - FREE OPT-OUT - Warnings on Dangers of RF !!

In addition to both the Attorneys General of Illinois and Connecticut, the Attorney General of Michigan issued the following statement calling into question the efficacy of “smart” meters and the “smart” grid.

“What the record sadly lacks is a discussion of competing considerations regarding the program or the necessity of the program and its costs as related to any net benefit to customers.”
- Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

The Michigan Attorney General's statement : reinforces the assertion that the only benefit of the “smart” grid is to utilities, not ratepayers. Utilities are gaming the system through their 8 to 10% guaranteed rate of return on so-called “capital investments”.
DFW IBEW Pres. FIRED for testifying about Meter Dangers. Bobby Reed, testified before Legslators on 10/9/2012 about the many meters he was forced change out due to melting !

Click Image to View Video

CPS 'Smart' Meters grab the attention of Stan Mitchell, local consumer/taxpayer advocate.  Stan has questions and he wants answers !  Click Here to view his letter to CPS President Beneby.  Check back for CPS' response !

My money is on Stan.  Stan graduated from the Harvard Business School and spent his life helping corporations make the right decisions for their shareholders.  .. His work continues.

Click here for Stan's letter to CPS on their Windtricity Project, which he references in the above communication.

Silver Spring Networks 'greases' the local political wheel   COSA BUSTED - Click Here
"Ten educational institutions and organizations have been the recipient of more than $1 million in grants and contributions, including St. Mary’s University, UTSA, San Antonio Youth Literacy and First Robotics."

City Of San Antonio

Click here for City Org Chart .. Citizens On Top .. So Take Action !

URGENT :  Contact your Councilperson and the Mayor to demand immediate action to stop the installation of dangerous Radiation Pulsing Meters by CPS Energy.  Mayor Ivy Taylor, is an ex-officio Member of the CPS Energy Board of Trustees and can have a tremendous impact on their actions.

Contact Sheryl Sculley, San Antonio City Manager

(210) 207-7080

and demand that she remove all officers and employees of CPS Energy in the administrative service of the city that have deceived the Council and citizens about the safety of Radiation Pulsing Meters.

Demand an investigation into the CPS Meter "Opt-Out" Program that imposes fees and forced RF exposure to OMR Meters. Request an investigation into procedures followed by Chief Supervisor of Utilities, Ben Gorzell, in determining fees and procedures.  Demand that she reprimand appropriately any employee not following all rules of the Texas Utilities Regulatory Act.

Write to Ms. Sculley, here :

      Physical Address Mailing Address
      City Hall 100 Military Plaza P.O. Box 839966
      San Antonio, TX 78205 San Antonio, TX 78283

Information from the City Charter of San Antonio follows :

Sec. 3.  Powers of city.

Par. 1. General powers.

The city may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in all courts, ... ordain and establish such acts and regulations and ordinances not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of this state and this Charter as shall be needed for the government, interest, welfare and good order of the city and the interest, welfare, health, morals, comfort, safety and convenience of its inhabitants; ... The city may acquire necessary property for sewer, sanitary, cemetery, waterworks, gas, electric light and power, and any other corporate purposes by purchase, condemnation or other means within or without the city limits, and may lease, convey and alienate the same. Except as prohibited by the constitution and laws of Texas or as restricted by this Charter, the city shall have all municipal powers, functions, rights, privileges and immunities of every name and nature whatsoever, now or hereafter granted by the constitution and laws of Texas, including without limitation the powers conferred expressly and permissively by laws passed pursuant to the Texas Home rule Amendment, as now or hereafter amended, all of which are hereby adopted. The council is expressly authorized to adopt any rule or regulation deemed necessary, advisable or convenient for the purpose of exercising any power expressly or permissively conferred by such act. The city shall have the powers conferred by the provisions of legislation passed by the State Legislature, as now or hereafter amended, which Act is hereby adopted.

Powers of the City Manager :

Sec. 46. .. Powers and duties

The city manager shall be responsible to the council for the proper administration of all affairs of the city and, subject to the civil service provisions of this Charter and except as otherwise provided herein, he shall have power and shall be required to:

    (2)  Appoint and remove all officers and employees in the administrative service of the city; provided that he may authorize the head of a department or office to appoint or remove subordinates therein and provided, further, that he shall not appoint or remove officers and employees of:

      (b.)  Any municipally-owned public utility, including electric, gas and water systems, while such utility is operating under the terms of any indenture, mortgage or deed of trust providing for employment by other authority.

Par. 13. Other powers. The city shall have power to:

      (23) Acquire, own, operate and maintain any character of public utility, including, without limitation, water, gas, light, power, telephone, telegraph and transportation systems, by any lawful means.

San Antonio Supervisor of Public Utilities

  (210) 207-4478

Mr. Ben Gorzell was named Chief Financial Officer in August 2010. As part of the Executive Leadership Team, he oversees the Departments of Finance, Information and Technology Services, Purchasing, and the Office of Customer Service/311.

In his current position, Mr. Gorzell also serves as the City’s Supervisor of Public Utilities, a position required by the City Charter.  As Supervisor of Public Utilities, he is responsible for advising the City Manager and City Council on matters pertaining to the regulatory oversight over the City’s municipally-owned utilities, City Public Service Energy and the San Antonio Water System as well as other matters related to telecommunications, cable, and certain other utilities which utilize the City’s right-of-way.

Mr. Gorzell is a member of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and the National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors (NATOA)

Limitations on Power of Electorate

Sec. 34. Power of initiative.

The electors shall have power to initiate any ordinance, except ordinances appropriating money, levying a tax, granting a franchise, or fixing public utility rates, and to adopt or reject the same at the polls; provided, however, that the foregoing limitations on initiated ordinances shall not apply to any ordinance initiated pursuant to the provisions of Article I, Section 3, Paragraph 12 of this Charter.

Sec. 35. Power of referendum.

The electors shall have power to approve or reject at the polls any ordinance passed by the council save one appropriating money, levying taxes, or fixing public utility rates, or any ordinance submitted by the council of its own initiative to a vote of the electors; provided, however, that the foregoing limitation on ordinances subject to a referendum shall not apply to any ordinances enacted pursuant to the provisions of Article I, Section 3, Paragraph 12 of this Charter.

CPS Energy forcing Dangerous 'Collector' Meters on Condos in San Antonio

Data Center POWER HOGS - YOU must conserve for them !? [Stream Realty/Microsoft]


Les Chateux Condo Owners in San Antonio, TX facing dangers of 'Collector Meters'

In a meeting with the Les Chateux Condo Board, CPS Energy insisted that they will go forward with plans to install RF emitting 'collector meters' and scoffed at any possible danger to residents.  However, please click on the video below of Jerry Flynn explaining why he believes the Mesh Grid Network and 'collector meters' (which have 3 constantly pulsing radio transmitters) are a serious health concern to the residents and decide for yourself.  Bobbie Mueller video shows RF from household devices and highlights the already existing danger of RF with wi-fi devices.  Shouldn't we be finding ways to lower RF exposure rather than allowing CPS to mandate we have more RF from their meters ?


CPS Energy spokesperson, Lisa Lewis stated .. "The American Cancer Society told us they can't be tied to any particular ailments or issues and we trust in that science .. " however, click here for full statement and admission more studies should be done and includes the following:

    "RF radiation is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), as “possibly carcinogenic to humans."  This is based on the finding of a possible link in at least one study between cell phone use and a specific type of brain tumor. Because RF radiation is a possible carcinogen, and smart meters give off RF radiation, it is possible that smart meters could increase cancer risk. Still, it isn’t clear what risk, if any there might be from living in a home with a smart meter." Story here - You MUST be digital subscriber to Download
Click here for KABB Coverage

CPS Board of Trustees Click Here  Email CPS Board

Many will argue that the CPS Board of Trustees is just another group of politically connected, handpicked, unelected, unaccountable people that "rubber stamp" policy decisions.

Additionally, many will argue that the CPS Board has made decisions "out of sight" and "under the darkness" of self-imposed rules of organization, which disallow citizens from speaking at their Board meetings that are not broadcast on PEG Programming (on the Government Channel).

We would like to think otherwise, but that would require a major shift in their direction.  Please join with us to make this shift happen.  Some actions that you could easily take include:

  1. First and foremost, Contact Board Members and demand that they inform the Public that the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005, which proposed the use of wireless Radiation Pulsing Meters, mandates that utility companies “offer” wireless Radiation Pulsing Meters and install them "upon customer request" - clearly an OPT-IN Program NOT the current OPT-OUT policy.  Click Here

      "SECTION 1252 - 'SMART'* METERING    (* their terminology)

      (C) Each electric utility subject to subparagraph (A) shall provide each customer requesting a time-based rate with a time-based meter capable of enabling the utility and customer to offer and receive such rate, respectively.

  2. Contact the CPS Board and ask that all 40,000 homeowners whose safe analog meters were swapped out with an RPM (Radiation Pulsing Meter) be required to sign a release of liability contract and additionally that these homeowners be given factual information about RF Exposure, most importantly that the World Health Organization has classified RF Exposure as a "Possible Carcinogen" by the World Health Organization.  Please note: the Home Manager Contract required of Home Manager users, clearly protects the taxpayers of San Antonio from liability for the many deficiences in design of the RF Meters.  It is important that the initial 40,000 homeowners be warned and that they "Opt-IN" to this program, like Home Manager users, for their own protection and that of the city owned utility (from liability).  We believe that if a Homeowner is not warned and does not sign this agreement, the RF Meters should be removed immediately.
  3. Contact Board Members and request that they inform the Public that the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005, which proposes the use of wireless
  4. Contact the Board and insist that all persons that have been given false information by employees that refused to remove the Radiation Pulsing Meter from their home be contacted and that Public Service Announcements be made and the media notified of the new Opt-In program.

If the Board does not take these actions, we will need your help to engage City Council to remove the CPS Board of Trustees and replace these Members with people that are willing to investigate the deficiencies of the RPMs and the plight of homeowners that want to guard their health and privacy.

Mayor Ivy Taylor is an 'ex-officio' (by virtue of office or official position) Member of the Board.  [Former Mayor Julian Castro was on the Board when CPS "bought into" this technology.]  The Mayor serves on the Board and is paid approximately, $ 2500/yr.  Be sure to contact the Mayor.  Contact information for the Mayor can be found here.

CPS Home Manager Contract

Important information contained in the above contract follows:

  1. You grant CPS Energy AND AUTHORIZED CONTRACTORS permission to CONTROL, during periods of 'peak electric usage' AND other critical circumstances, the settings and operation of your electric appliances such as the air conditioner(s), water heater(s), and other applicable appliances based on the Program parameters found in the user guide.
  2. You give CPS Energy permission to collect, store and use customer information and data provided by you OR GENERATED by the Program Equipment, such as energy usage and demographics("Program Content"), in its discretion consistent with CPS Energy privacy and information security policies.
  3. You expressly understand and agree that except for damages caused by CPS Energy's gross negligence or willful misconduct .. CPS Energy shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any nature, including but not limited to (a.) damages relating to the use or distribution of the Program Content, (b.) damages from the installation or removal of the Equipment, (c.) damages from the introduction of computer viruses, or (d.) damages caused by interruption, termination, or failed operation of your appliances, utilities or telecommunication services.
      PLEASE NOTE:  San Antonio owns CPS Energy. By agreeing to this contract, ratepayers are giving up their Constitutional 1st Amendment Right to sue, even though the City Charter expressly allows the city to be sued.
        The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights., to sue and be sued.
      [The City Charter, under General Powers states the following:  "The city may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in all courts .. "see COSA tab for more details about your rights.]
  4. You must certify that you are the owner of the residence and not a lessee or tenant.
      PLEASE NOTE:  CPS Energy announced that Condo Owners do NOT have the same rights as residential owners.  Apartment Building Owners also do NOT have the same rights as residential owners.  Condo and Apartment Owners are forced to have OMR RPMs (Radiation Pulsing Meters).  Residential homeowners also are told that they cannot have a Safe Analog Meter, and they are given a choice between the OMR RPM (Radiation Pulsing Meter) and another RPM (Radiation Pulsing Meter), (cleverly misnamed) the "Smart" meter.

      CPS Energy, unlike many Utilities across the country has threatened to disallow safe analog meters.  However, like most utilities they are requiring an Opt-Out Fee to have an OMR Radiation Pulsing Meter (RPM) even though it exposes ratepayers to RF Signals.  The only reason to Opt for an OMR, is when forced and because it is not going to be connected to the "grid" which allows utilities to control appliances in the home.
  5. You must agree to participate for 12 months and you will be automaticaly renewed in the Program unless your participation is terminated by you or CPS Energy. CPS Energy reserves the right to remove or disconnect the Equipment and/or replace the meter with CPS Energy's "standard meter."
  6. You must agree that CPS Energy may make modifications to the terms of the Program participation at any time in its sole discretion.
CPS Home Manager FIRE : John Shull, San Antonio, TX vs CPS - Gets Pennies on Dollar for A/C Fire   CPS Energy Requires Home Manager Customers to absolve them of Liability and when that doesn't work fights "tooth and nail" and shifts blame to Consert, Inc. CPS Energy claims .. they have had no "claims" of harm or damage from the program.  You decide. Who is John Shull ? ... He has a degree in economics, a masters from John Hopkins, another master's from the Harvard Business School in Asia, he's a retired military officer ... His father, Clifford G. Shull, won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1994 for his work in the ‘40’s, mapping the nucleus of the atom.  We thank him for coming forward and exposing the dangers of the Home Manager System installation process and for admitting he has seen no savings from the Home Manager Program.

Victories for Safe Meters

2/13/15 Alamo Heights Petition Signatures Submitted for OPT-OUT - NO FEES

OOPS - Breaking News: 01/16/15 CPS Energy VIOLATES 12/5/14 Agreement
Replaces Safe Analog Meters - WARNS: We will be back!

12/5/14  CPS Energy Bows to Public Outcry - Agrees to Allow Residents to Keep current 'Non-Communicating' Meter

Click here for Letter to Alamo Heights

Breaking News  Alamo Heights City Council Halts CPS ENERGY 'Roll out'
of Radiation Pulsing Meters

Concerned Citizens Speak Truth to Power Company
Adverse Health Effects Are Real !

Campwood, TX Moratorium on RF Meters

Pedernales/Austin Electric Activists Prevail Analog now an Option !

2/3/2015 James Humphrey, Jr (Dallas) died in suspicious fire 3/30/2015 Stockton,CA 'smart surge' fries home wiring and appliances
Remember, low income people reside in more densely populated areas such as apartments or closely built homes. Therefore, they are more likely to be exposed to higher levels of RF (a Class 2B Carcinogen). Additionally, they are more likely to live in older homes with older wiring.  We believe residents should have the right to override the overreach of the CPS Board in their decision to force homeowners to submit to these meters or face exhorbitant fees.

Did you know that Radio Frequency (RF) exposure, was classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a Class '2B' carcinogen (Possible Carcinogen) ?

Please watch the above video and you will see a World Health Organization Scientist explain why he believes that exposure to RF should be upgraded to a more serious designation - that of Class 2A - PROBABLE Carcinogen.:

Did you know that electric utility companies all over the world, including CPS Energy of San Antonio, have been installing RPMs (Radiation Pulsing Meters) long after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the danger of RF ?

Did you know that World Health Organization (WHO) Scientists now believe that RF should be reclassified as a '2A' Carcinogen (Probable Carcinogen), shouldn't this be a wake-up call to stop further installations ?

Did you know CPS Energy insists this program is going to save money ?  CPS is spending $ 290 MILLION , on this program where safe analog meters are disposed of, even though across the country utilities are now being forced to allow analog meters to be installed ?

Did you know that the Home Manager@ Program advertised by CPS Energy as FREE, is actually a Federally funded program, apparently paid for by Federal taxes ?

We believe the WHO studies need to be part of the decision making by local officials and home and business owners when deciding whether or not to sign up for CPS Energy's Home Manager program, which requires transmitting antennas and/or a Radiation Pulsing Meter

We believe the WHO studies should have been provided to owners of Solar Panels that were forced to put an RPM (Radiation Pulsing Meters) on their homes.

And lastly, WHY the secrecy ?

Most of the initial 40,000 homeowners in the CPS pilot program were NOT warned that their safe analog meters were being replaced with the Radiation Pulsing Meters and these homeowners were NEVER told that the World Health Organization considers exposure to RF a Class 2B Carcinogen.

Jerry Day of
explains how to replace an RPM (Radiation Pulsing Meter) with a safe Analog meter.

FreedomTaker is the best source of information on your rights to be safe from Radiation Pulsing Meters and surveillance from these devices.

'Smart' is the New DUMB

Video of Jerry Flynn explains why Radiation Pulsing Meters are DUMB :

For Full Version of Jerry Flynn (1 hr 27 min) : Click Here

Watch the Jerry Flynn Video explaining the Dangers of the Mesh Grid Network HERE
Read the Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters Sage Report Here
Dirty Electricity

Smart Meters - In Truth, NO FEDERAL Mandate

Stop Smart Meters Organization

The Heartland Institute

Dangers of Meter Data

We are a local non partisan group of concerned citizens and organizations.

We enjoy modern technology and understand that some technologies include inherent risks.

We believe that NO technology should be allowed to pose a danger to others.  An example would be Radiation Pulsing Meters that expose neighbors to "nuisance" radiation.  Click here for videos about dangers to individuals with Pacemakers and heart arythmia.

Most importantly, we believe that ALL technology MUST be designed with safeguards.  In most cases, this safeguard may simply be an OFF switch.  CPS Energy's RPMs (Radiation Pulsing Meters) DO NOT have an OFF switch.

Please join with us as we work to get all local City Leaders (in Bexar County) to turn OFF this program of forced meters, for those of us that don't wish to be exposed to Radiation from these Radiation Pulsing Meters.