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Finally, CPS Energy installs ANALOG Meter at home of Sandy Matejka !

LOCAL@ Paper [see pg. 16]
Opt FOR Analog
Sandy Matejka of San Antonio did and YOU can too !
"It should be up to the individual .." Dr. David Carpenter The Grid - NO THANKS !
KSAT CPSE to spend $290 MILLION to install RF Meters
San Antonio City Council, was told by Chris Eugster of CPS Energy at a B Session Briefing that customers could keep their analog meter.  However, when customers called CPSE they were told they could NOT.  After public outcry by customers like Sandy Matejka, concerned about health, safety and privacy, CPS Energy relented and created their Exchange Program, however, it did NOT include an Analog option !  CPS Energy is currently forcing people to Opt-Out of their RF/'smart' meters and charging $20 each month to read the meter, despite the fact that this fee has never been voted on by City Council.  Additionally, CPS Energy has engaged in a campaign of disinformation and what some people would describe as 'bullying' to get people to accept an RF/'smart' Meter - despite the fact that the Federal government program mandating utilities offer these meters, was an Opt-In NOT an Opt-Out program.  Please note:  It took Sandy Matejka a year to get the Pilot Program RF/'smart' meter removed and an Analog Meter installed.
District 9 Councilman Joe Krier Newsletter - you can "keep your old (analog) meter"
City Council DID NOT Vote to install RF (plastic) meters
City Council DID NOT Vote to remove (glass and steel) analog meters
City Council DID NOT Vote to charge customers to Opt-Out