July 8, 2017 - LULAC Passes Vaccine Resolution at National Convention in San Antonio

Click Here:  Civil Rights and Vaccines:  Children, Truth, Safety

Vaccine Resolution with Links to Prove Assertions - Click Here

July 10, 2015 Henry Rodriguez, Founder and Director of Concilio Zapatista 4383 Honored at Salt Lake City, UT LULAC National Convention
LULAC Man of the Year 2015
Receiving Award at Banquet with Linda Alfaro, President Concilio Zapatista

March 2015 - Henry Rodriguez, Honored with 2015 Si Se Puede Spirit Award for Activism
by the Cesar Chavez Legacy & Educational Foundation

Henry 'El Zapatista' Rodriguez - 2012 LULAC Texas Man of the Year


Henry 'El Zapatista' Rodriguez Texas LULAC Man of the Year
at LULAC Texas Convention in San Marcos June 9, 2012 !    Click Here

For more information about the Texas Convention - Click Here
Voice of the Mainland - A Bernardo Eureste Exclusive

George Alejos and Henry Rodriguez assist local man with car dealership

Zapatistas Support Leticia Rivera

Latinos In Action
Henry Rodriguez - Latinos In Action, National Hispanic Sports Association 02/15/12

Victory for Mirasol Homeowners !

LULAC Zapatista, George Alejos (LULAC Director for Affordable Housing, District XV),
and Janet Ahmad, Founder and President of HOBB, Homeowners for Better Building,
were not acknowledged by the local paper, but were central figures
in the victory of Mirasol Homeowners Click here for article !

Henry Rodriguez, Awarded 2015 Si Se Puede Spirit Award for Activism

LULAC Passes Zapatista Authored Resolution FOR RF/"smart meter" Moratorium and NO Opt-Out Fees

Cesar Chavez Celebration, March 28, 2015, San Antonio, TX

February 18, 2015 LULAC Concilio Zapatista 4383
Submits Charter Amendment for FREE RF Meter Opt-Out

Avenida Guadalupe LULAC Zapatistas Joyful and Proud

Joey Cardenas, Past LULAC Texas State Director, Henry Rodriguez (Center), LULAC Civil Rights Director and Founder of LULAC Zapatistas Concilio 4383, Richard Solis, Former Principal Lanier High Video of Zapatistas

LULAC Zapatista Civil Rights Leader Henry Rodriguez arrested with 15 other Dreamers - Click for Story

Bexar County records listed 16 arrested. They were: Yasmina Codina, 27; Felipe Vargas, 33; Henry Rodriguez, 66; Maribel Hermosillo, 20; Julio Lopez, 26; Carla Louise Gomez, 25; Steve Huerta, 42; Genevieve Gonzales, 29; Antonia Irene Castaneda, 68; Jahne Dominique Campbell, 26; Marisa Cristina Gonzalez, 29; Genevieve Rodriguez, 27; Maria A. Berriozabal, 69; Lorenza Andrade Smith, 41; My Le, 18; and Melissa Rodriguez, whose age was unavailable.

Henry Rodriguez 12/03/14 speaks at Dallas City Council Meeting
Fluoridation is Civil Rights Violation with NO Benefits
Henry Rodriguez 09/06-08/2014 addressed the 5th Citizens [FAN] Conference
LULAC's Henry Rodriguez speaking at San Francisco - March for Clean Water
Portland DEFEATS Fluoridation
Click for Zapatista Letter to Portland - VOTE NO Measure 26-151

Got Fluorosis ? Get Help !
Fluorosis looks like this: (Click for CDC website describing Fluorosis)
Normal - No Fluorosis Fluorosis - Questionable Very Mild Fluorosis Mild Fluorosis Moderate Fluorosis Severe Fluorosis
NormalQuestionableVery MildMildModerateSevere

Please email pictures of your teeth and contact information to Henry Rodriguez or call (210) 857-5329

Papal Statement - Only OFFICIAL Papal Statement on Fluoridation
Click here

Zapatistas - Rodriguez, Alejos and Kuhns want fluoride neurotoxin removed prior to approval of Brainpower Initiative
Henry takes this opportunity to remind the public that Mayor Julian Castro graduated from Harvard and made reference to HEB Grocery, since a major backer of Pre-K for SA was Charles Butt, in the audience.  HEB supported Fluoridation.

Harvard Study shows Fluoride is Neurotoxin that lowers IQ in children
"The results support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children's neurodevelopment. Future research should include detailed individual-level information on prenatal exposure, neurobehavioral performance, and covariates for adjustment."
Click here for Pubmed Abstract of Harvard Report

Dr. David Kennedy Featured at Event in San Antonio, El Progreso Hall
LULAC Civil Rights Leader, Henry Rodriguez, speaks to UNIVISION about the event.

City admits No Responsive Documents - NO proof of Benefit Click for Document

2/8/12 Henry Rodriguez, Civil Rights Activist asks Council for Benefits of Fluoridation

Dr. David Kennedy asks "Why is it okay for cities to poison babies ?"

1/9/12 Zapatistas Deliver Letter Asking City of San Antonio for Benefits of Fluoridation

Click for Letter Requesting Information on ALL Observed Benefits of Fluoridation

KENS 5 Investigative Reporter announced dental caries rates have increased

Click here for Oral Health Data - 2006 to 2010
Click here for Oral Health Date - 2001 to 2006
Prior to Fluoridation - Dental Caries Experience was 49%
The Texas Legislature was told by the UTHSC-SA Community Dental Officer that caries would be reduced 30-60%
and that $ 80 would be saved in dental costs for every dollar spent Fluoridating.

2/25/11 Zapatistas OPPOSE Fluoridation

Click for Resolution: Zapatistas assert Fluoridation is a Civil Rights Violation

The Zapatistas, were the first Hispanic Civil Rights Organization Resolved to End Fluoridation in U.S.

LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) is the first NATIONAL Civil Rights Organization to pass a Resolution Opposing Fluoridation

Clearly, there are other Civil Rights organizations opposed, but unlike LULAC, they have not passed a Resolution at the National level.

After getting the Resolution passed in Texas, Zapatista Leaders Henry Rodriguez and Linda Alfaro,
promoted the Resolution at the National LULAC Convention in Cincinnati.
Click here for the Resolution as it appears on the LULAC National website.

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Henry RodriguezFounder, Organizer, LULAC Concilio Zapatista 4383Email Henry Rodriguez
George AlejosLULAC Director for Affordable Housing, District XVEmail George Alejos
Cindy GustamanteChairperson Health Committee, LULAC Concilio Zapatista 4383Email Cindy Gustamante

Texas Executive Board

Click here to find your State Representatives

Westside YMCA Event YMCA Health Fair held Saturday, June 18, 2011 at the Westside YMCA San Antonio, TX

La Prensa Reporter, Henry Rodriguez [LULAC Organizer], Andrew Schwartz [Health Fair Organizer]
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